Miley Cyrus Fined For Degrading The Mexican Flag


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Miley Cyrus is being fined for her degrading performance in Mexico.

On Tuesday, September 16, Cyrus performed at the Arena Monterey in Mexico as a part of her Bangerz tour. Fans expected Miley's usual tactics of performing including the constant twerking and simulated sex acts. However, they did not expect her to degrade their national symbol ... their flag.

Miley reportedly took to the stage with a fake butt and proceeded to floss the butt with the Mexican flag shocking thousands and infuriating others.

After reviewing the performances, the Nuevo León state legislature agreed unanimously to require the Secretary of the Interior to fine Cyrus for her lack of respect. Cyrus' fine is expected to be 16,000 pesos (about $1,200).

"In the first of two concerts of Miley Cyrus in Monterrey (Nuevo León’s capital), an act of disrespect to our national symbols took place during her show, when one of the dancers hit her on her backside with a Mexican flag," the lawmakers said.

Miley is known for her shock factor, but what makes this even worse is that she decided to pull this stunt during the month of September - the month that celebrates Mexico's independence.

"It is offensive that this young girl disrespected our flag and that we promote this type of entertainment, on which we lose something that is so engrained in ourselves, our sense of patriotism, respect, what unites us and characterizes us,” the National Union of Parents’ president Consuelo Mendoza Garcia said. “Especially on this month of September,”

"It is very sad that an artist comes from another country to disrespect our patriotic symbols now that we are so in need of living in a civilized way and take that to the schools," Mendoza García added.