Miley Cyrus: Cover Shoot Is "Edgy"

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Miley Cyrus recently had a big cover shoot for Elle UK, and she says the look they gave her is full of punk-rock edge and shows off a different side of her personality.

Apparently leather bustiers, denim short-shorts, and shaved hair isn't considered "edgy" anymore.

The 20-year old actress and singer said she was excited to do the shoot, as it was her first major magazine cover.

"ELLE UK is really cool and it is a little different. I think it shows a different side of style that I feel is really me," Miley said. "It's a bit punk and a little more edgy. It's really cool to be able to shoot this as I haven't had the chance to do much for the UK like this yet. ELLE is a really cool magazine and my first big cover."

Rocking smoky eyes and a platinum mohawk, Cyrus got to choose several different outfits to pose in and said that was the most difficult part.

"It's like doing an album where you don't want to cut the songs you do like but you have to choose," she said. "It's like there's so many options and outfits and pictures, you feel like, 'How do I know this is the one I'm really wanting?' I'm glad I don't have to edit through the pictures."

Image: Elle UK

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