Miley Cyrus: Boston Fans Want Refund

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Miley Cyrus was scheduled to perform as part of the Jingle Ball Concert in Boston earlier this month, but she was stranded in New York because of some nasty weather. Now fans are seeking a refund. Many of these fans bought Jingle Ball tickets for the sole purpose of seeing Miley Cyrus. Instead of reporting earlier that she was unable to make it to Boston, a local radio station actually reported that they'd seen her back stage.

Boston's Kiss 108 was broadcasting on air from behind the scenes earlier in the day of Boston's Jingle Ball concert.

"She's about to go onstage and soundcheck; we'll bring it to you live," one sound clip announced. The speaker claimed to be right outside of Miley Cyrus's dressing room.

Another Kiss 108 radio personality claimed to have just bumped into Cyrus after 'tripping over one of her dancers.'

Yet another Kiss 108 speaker said, "It's kind of surreal when you're just walking backstage and you literally, bump into Selena Gomez or Miley Cyrus or Fallout Boy. They're all here."

Miley Cyrus wasn't there. And she tried to let fans know she was doing her best to get to Boston.

A petition is gaining signatures, as fans feel like they were duped.

"Kiss didn't have anyone come out in person and explain the situation or apologize. It was very unprofessional and I'm not sure why they lied and said she was there at the beginning of the concert. Probably so people wouldn't leave when they found out that it looked like the headliner couldn't make it," the petition reads. "Needless to say the audience was disappointed when they heard the announcement. Some kids and even some teenagers were in tears."

Rich Nowak authored the petition. He says he paid $800 for three Jingle Ball tickets.

"We paid to see Miley, who was headlining the show! If not a refund then Kiss should organize a free Miley concert for Jingle Ball ticket holders. Kiss 108 needs to do something because we did not get what we paid for," Nowak says.

Kiss 108 issued a statement.

"We were sorry to inform fans at Saturday night's Kiss 108 Jingle Ball concert at TD Garden in Boston that Miley Cyrus was unable to perform. Unfortunately mechanical issues and inclement weather conditions in the Northeast prevented Miley Cyrus' flight from departing to Boston. When we received confirmation from Miley’s management that she was unable to perform, we communicated to fans through social media and press. Miley was extremely disappointed she couldn’t be there to perform, but looks forward to her next opportunity to entertain her fans in Boston.Kiss 108's Jingle Ball 2013 continued throughout the evening with a great line-up including Fifth Harmony, Robin Thicke, Fall Out Boy, Flo Rida, Selena Gomez, Paramore and Enrique Iglesias."

Do you think Rich Nowak and those who have signed the petition have a leg to stand on? Probably not. And while the radio station did in fact make a big mistake in lying to fans while on the air, about Miley Cyrus being in her dressing room and preparing for her sound check, they probably aren't liable to refund these tickets.

It's sad that fans were deceived. It will be interesting to learn if Miley Cyrus gets wind of the petition and comments on it. She will be in Boston again in early April, but for her own concert. This means fans who had hoped to see her at the Jingle Ball will have to buy tickets (if they're even still available) again.

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