Mila Kunis: Words From Robin Williams She'll Treasure Forever

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Mila Kunis had an unforgettable moment with Robin Williams back in the days when she was still just a teenager working with her fiancé, Ashton Kutcher, on That '70's Show.

She later worked with the late actor on the 2013 film, The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, but it was that early encounter that she says made a lasting impression on the young girl.

"So many times you meet people they don't impact you. You meet them and they're gracious and they're nice," she told Esquire in 2012, "and then there are sometimes when you meet somebody and they say one thing and for the rest of your life you carry that one thing and they don't even know that they impacted your life."

Kunis, 31, told the magazine that her co-star on the sit-com, Kurtwood Smith, was a friend of the Good Will Hunting star. Williams visited the set one day and asked the young actress her name. After introductions, Williams took a moment to share some advice that will remain with her for the rest of her days.

"He said, 'Remember this moment. Remember this because things like this don't happen very often. Remember this time.' Having somebody of Robin Williams' stature tell me to just acknowledge something meant so much," she said. "He didn't mentor me. He just said, 'Step back and appreciate this. You're having an amazing time.'"

Years later, when the two worked together in The Angriest Man in Brooklyn, the actress reminded Williams of their encounter and the words she still remembered.

"He said, 'It stands true. Today, right now, at this very moment, step back and appreciate it," she said. "And I went, 'OK.'"

So many of us will remember the words of advice from Robin Williams, whether they were his own or whether they came from a movie. Perhaps we didn't have the same personal encounter that Kunis enjoyed, but we learned from the actor none-the-less. And it is likely Kunis will empart Williams' advice on her own sweet little baby, who will be here very soon.

Pam Wright