Mila Kunis Talks Daughter Wyatt and Gun Control

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Mila Kunis wants her daughter Wyatt to grow up strong and confident and she believes if a female were elected president that would further her cause.

"I would love her to have a woman [in the White House], to think, 'If there’s a woman president, what is there that I can’t do?'" she said during a recent interview.

Does that mean Kunis--and husband Ashton Kutcher--will vote for Hillary Clinton?

She didn't come right out and say that.

"I’m a Demo­crat. My husband is a Democrat. I’m not one of those who voted for Obama and then said, 'He didn’t do me right so now I’m off the Obama ship'. I stand by him to this day. He’s implemented health care. It’s not perfect, but it’s beginning the process," Mila Kunis shared.

The talk turned to guns and Kunis made a rather unexpected admission.

"I will say this: we have a gun at the house. But would I give it to my daughter as a gift at 15? No. I can take a gun apart and put it back together blindfolded," she said.

Mila Kunis underwent weapons training for both roles in both Max Payne and Jupiter Ascending.

"My child shouldn’t be as well trained as us, nor should she know there is a weapon in the house--ever. But I respect the gun. My husband grew up in Iowa, and is from a hunting family. He’s worked with rifles his whole life," she added.

Mila Kunis was the victim of a stalker. Stuart Lynn Dunn was convicted of stalking her in 2011 just a short time ago.

"I probably wouldn’t have the gun if I didn’t have stalkers or people constantly trying to break into my house,” she said.

Are you surprised to learn that Mila Kunis is a Democrat who believes in the right to own a gun?

Many celebrities don't share that kind of information for fear of alienating not just their fans, but often producers and people in high places as well.

Mila Kunis doesn't seem to care what people think these days, however. Her focus in life is on her daughter and her husband. Work is secondary--or maybe even further down the scale--to her family.

Kudos to Mila Kunis for getting it. She is one celebrity who quite clearly understands what's most important in life.

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