Mila Kunis' Stalker Arrested After Gym Run-In

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Former star of "That 70's Show" Mila Kunis has had some scary run-ins in the past couple of years with stalkers who just can't take a hint. One of them, a 27-year old homeless man named Stuart Dunn, has proven himself a tireless fan in a creepy way.

Dunn was just arrested in January for trying to break in to Kunis' home in L.A, but was only sentenced to three years probation and 60 days in jail, a punishment some don't think fits the crime...especially since he was spotted by the star at her gym on Friday night, forcing her to hide in her car until police arrived. He was escorted away and is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

This isn't the first time a fan has gone too far with their adoration of Kunis; last year Christopher Chaney hacked into her email account and gained access to private communication and photos, to which he plead guilty in March.

Kunis has gained quite a bit of attention in recent years due to her move to films, including the Oscar-winning "Black Swan" with Natalie Portman in 2010. Due to her success and the sudden influx of crazies who want access to her, she's had to add extra security to her home and may be considering hiring a bodyguard.

Kunis isn't the first star to be harassed by frightening stalkers; Jodie Foster, David Letterman, and Conan O'Brien have all had scary run-ins. Some haven't been so lucky in the aftermath, including John Lennon and Kathryn Dettman, a television reporter who was stabbed to death in her home. In 1989 Rebecca Schaeffer, the young star of a sitcom called "My Sister Sam", was gunned down in her home by a fan with severe mental and emotional problems who had become fixated on her. He found her address through the California DMV, which prompted a law to be signed prohibiting public information from being released; it later helped in the conviction of Jonathan Norman, who made threats against director Steven Spielberg.

According to the law, a stalker is defined as "someone who willfully, maliciously and repeatedly follows or harasses another victim and who makes a credible threat with the intent to place the victim or victim's immediate family in fear of their safety."

Amanda Crum
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