Mila Kunis' Baby Love Really Shows

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Mila Kunis' baby is only a couple of weeks old, but Mila and Ashton Kutcher are already really enjoying being parents!

A source close to the couple told E!, "they are really enjoying every minute of being parents."

They added that, "Mila is saying seeing Ashton with Wyatt has made her fall deeper in love with him, it melts her heart."

Awww! There's nothing like a proud new dad.

Ashton Kutcher teased the world when he released a photo of his and Mila Kunis' baby via their website,

Well, there was a picture of Mila Kunis' baby in there somewhere, along with a couple of other human babies, a llama baby, and a puppy.


Ashton and I #proudparents

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Whichever one is Mila Kunis' baby, it's a good one, according to the same source.

Wyatt Isabelle "is a good baby, she's not fussy at all."


Understandably, Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis aren't getting much sleep right now, but they "make each other laugh to get through it."

So, the world wants to know what Mila Kunis' baby looks like.

Well, that depends on who you ask.

The same above source said of Mila Kunis' baby, "Wyatt looks like an equal mix between them both, Mila thinks. Ashton thinks she is gorgeous because she takes after her mom."

Either way, we all can expect one exceptionally beautiful baby.

Mila Kunis' baby has kept Mila at home and fairly quiet, but she has had a little time to open her own Instagram account.

On her Instagram page, she describes herself as "Mom/Actor/Model" and, despite having only five posts so far, she has almost 9,000 followers.

Could it be because the world still awaits a more specific photo debut of Mila Kunis' baby?

Of course.

Good luck to the new parents as they begin life together with Mila Kunis' baby, Wyatt Isabelle!

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