Mila Kunis And Ashton Kutcher In "Two And A Half Men" Clip [Video]


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It is no surprise that Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are a couple in real-life, and now they will also be playing one on television yet again. Kunis is set to make a guest appearance on Kutcher's Two And A Half Men this week, and a clip of the episode was released.

It was announced early in March that Mila Kunis would be appearing on CBS's hit comedy, and as evidence from the new clip, the celebrity couple used the time to poke fun at their own relationship. She plays Vivian, a world traveler who Kutcher's character Walden meets, and ends up connecting with, in a romantic way of course.

In the clip, Kunis pokes fun at her real-life relationship with Ashton Kutcher, and celebrities in general when saying "I don't get this whole fascination with celebrities anyway. Who cares who's dating whom or who's engaged to whom or who has a sex tape that no one will ever, ever see…"

The actress, and future wife to Two And A Half Men's main character, looked right at him as she finished the statement, and based on his actions, also asked if he only dated "hot actresses," which could be a nod toward herself and even Demi Moore, in an attempt to poke fun at his real-life romances.

In addition to their upcoming wedding, it was also revealed recently that Mila Kunis is pregnant. Although it is unclear how far along she is in her pregnancy, she seemed to be wearing baggy clothes in the clip.

The conversations that the two of them have in the clip, and likely throughout the episode, could be reminiscent of talks that they have had in real-life. They have been one of the most advertised celebrities since the announcement of their engagement.

Fans of That 70's Show should also be excited to finally be able to see the characters of Jackie and Kelso finally on screen together again. The show ran from 1998 until 2006, and had a dedicated fanbase, while one of their co-stars, Laura Prepon, also spoke out about their relationship recently.

Of course they do not name themselves during the episode, but Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher even mention some other big celebrity couples such as Brangelina when addressing the issue of celebrity couples, and seem to be enjoying themselves during the episode.

Image via Youtube