Mike Tyson's Song To LeBron James Is Awfully Awesome

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Last night before the NBA Finals tipped, Jimmy Kimmel brought out Mike Tyson to sing a tribute song to LeBron James, and it's about as incredible as you'd expect. Already known as supremely eloquent speaker, Tyson let the world know he also possesses a voice that was made for singing. All jokes aside--I don't really want to piss Tyson off, either--it's about what you'd expect. You have to admire Tyson and his efforts to put the negativity that followed him while he was boxing behind and as he continues to remake his image as a likable celebrity.

The song, which leads, has some great lyrics--"Oh, LeBron James is great. He makes Cleveland irate..."--has one drawback: it's entirely too short, clocking in at a little over a minute long. Hopefully, the next time Kimmel has Tyson on as a vocalist, he'll give him some more time to perform. Tyson's groundbreaking performance didn't escape the notice of Twitter, either, with Tyson himself giving us a head's up:

Unfortunately, many refused to recognize the dulcet tones coming from the former Champ:

A bunch of heretics is what we're dealing with...

Backhanded-compliments will have to work, I guess. In other news, while looking at some of the reactions to Tyson's song for LeBron, I noticed this particular gem, a flashback to a past Tyson is trying to put behind him:

And yes, that is the official Twitter account for Evander Holyfield.

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