Mike Tyson Roughs Up Dana White, Takes His Plane Seat

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Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson proved that he gets what he wants, as seen on an Instagram video that was posted on June 17.

Tyson and UFC President Dana White were in a private flight together when Tyson smacked White on his shoulder and said “Hey, come on, move it!” White was shocked and said, “I like this seat.” The boxer replied, “I like it better.” White got up and moved to an opposite seat and Tyson sat down in White’s seat with a satisfied look on his face. Tyson got a neck pillow and relaxed, while White had a baffled look on his face.

White posted the video on his account with the caption “Got punked. #miketyson #worstflightever #headinhome #ufc.”

Apparently, getting White’s seat wasn’t enough for Tyson. When White fell asleep during the flight, Tyson got a Sharpie and wrote on White’s forehead.

White posted another picture on Instagram and said, “Alright it’s official no more flying with @miketyson!!!! #ufc #miketyson #sharpie #dontfallasleep.” He also added “He’s lucky I was sleeping!!! ;)”

Tyson and White have been friends for a long time. In an interview with UFC commentator Joe Rogan, White said that Tyson is his “favorite all-time” fighter. He also shared that Tyson used a large customized punching bag for his boxing training, as he would destroy the regular-sized punching bags. “You know when you break a firecracker in half? That’s what the bag would look like when he would hit it,” White said.

The funny video was a hit with many fans who were not used to seeing "Iron" Mike Tyson with a playful demeanor.

White has learned his lesson and now knows that he shouldn’t fall asleep during the flight and he should always give his seat up for Tyson if he doesn’t want to end up like a destroyed punching bag.

Image via danawhiteufc, Instagram

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