Mike Tyson Returns Evander Holyfield's Ear In Hilarious Foot Locker Ad [Video]

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Foot Locker's hilarious new commercial features Mike Tyson and a piece of ear he bit off  about 16 years ago. The retailer is promoting its “week of greatness” in a new ad campaign. The ad starts out with Cleveland Cavaliers star, Kyrie Irving chilling by a basketball court with two friends. " A whole week of the most premium kicks... feels like all is right with the world" Kyrie says.

What follows is Kyrie's daydream sequence.

Boxer, Mike Tyson innocently rings Evander Holyfield’s doorbell and returns the piece of ear he bit off  in the 3rd round of the now infamous 1997 title fight. The repentant Tyson says,   “I'm sorry, Evander. It’s your ear.” He even placed the piece of ear in a little gift box. "I kept that in formaldehyde," Tyson adds. The two rivals then hug it out. In reality, Holyfield had his ear sewn in place hours after Tyson had a bite.

The other funny moments in the ad feature cameo appearances by Dennis Rodman who joins in making the world a better place by taking a one way flight to North Korea. This becomes a reason for jubilation to people waiting in line behind him at the airport.  "He's never coming back!" They celebrate.

Brett Favre meanwhile finally sees the error of his footballing ways by finally declaring , “A man's gotta know when to walk away," after the waitress asks if he wants something else. Hilarious.

Just watch the video!

Why is Tyson returning Holyfield's ear? For those of you who somehow don't know what happened - watch the video

Tyson and Holyfield rehash the "ear bite" incident.

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