Mike Tyson Confused By Game of Thrones Finale


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It goes to show, you can't please all the people all the time.


The Game of Thrones Season Four finale was loaded with action. A son killed his father. That same son killed his unfaithful backstabbing lover. A female knight fought and killed (maybe?) the Hound. Arya Stark sailed away. Two siblings united in the throes of passion. Skeletons rose up from the ground. A potential King meets Jon Snow. And, Bran finally reaches the end of his long journey and is told that he can fly.

The extra long episode was jammed with action, tied up a few loose ends, and also shaped the narrative of what viewers can expect for next season. But you know who didn't like the finale?

Mike Tyson.

Tyson told Jimmy Kimmel on his show Wednesday night that he and his wife are big fans of Game of Thrones. However, he was very disappointed and clearly confused over how the season ended.

The former heavyweight champ said to Kimmel, "We didn't like it. What happened at the ending? Nobody won. Nobody took over."

Thankfully for Tyson, Kimmel who is a diehard fan of GoT, let Iron Mike know that the show isn't necessarily like a boxing match where there is a definitive winner and loser. He also informed him that Sunday's episode was not the end of the show. Tyson didn't realize that there would be more seasons in the future. In fact, Game of Thrones will be on HBO for at least two more seasons.

When told about the future seasons, Tyson admitted, "I didn't know that."

Iron Mike has also been in the news recently for an epic punking of UFC President Dana White. The prank occurred while the two friends were on a private flight. First, Tyson made White move seats. Then when White fell asleep, Iron Mike got his sharpie out and wrote on his forehead.

Here's the Instagram picture. Mike Tyson is certainly on the short list of people who can get away with doing this to Dana White.

Image via Wikimedia Commons