Mike Ramirez, High Schooler, Gets Pro Cheerleader


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Sometimes you just have to ask.

That's the advice 17 year old Micheal Ramirez would probably give, as he just scored a prom date with 20 year old Caitlyn, a Houston Texan cheerleader. And obviously he's over the moon about it.

It seems that asking a celebrity to your prom has been very much in style within the last couple of years, as people like Justin Timberlake and supermodel Kate Upton have also received invitations via the Internet.

But Ramirez just didn't ask Caitlyn if she would be his prom date, he asked if she would go with him if his invitation received 10,000 re-tweets.

"I direct messaged her and I was like if I get 10,000 re-tweets, will you go to prom with me," explained Ramirez. "I'll ask you in a cute way. And she was like, 'of course.'"

Caitlyn, who apparently is still in school herself, said she was on campus when she received the invitation. "I was sitting in class and I got this message and I was like well sure why not," she said. "I figured he'd get the re-tweets. I just didn't realize he'd get it in 24 hours, so fast. It was king of a whirlwind."

And although Ramirez says he plans to pull out all the stops for his gorgeous prom date, Caitlyn says she's not expecting much, and whatever Ramirez plans will be fine with her. It'll be all about him on prom night, not her, she said.

"I have no expectations," stated Caitlyn. "The night is not about me. It is his senior prom. I will be happy with whatever happens. I just want him to have a good night. I am thrilled that I get to do this. I am thrilled that my job allows me to be able to make his prom dreams come true."

Image via YouTube