Mike Myers' White Locks At State Dinner Causes Stir On Social Media

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Mike Myers appeared at the White House state dinner on Thursday sporting a head of silver white hair and it has caused quite the stir on social media.

Us Weekly reports the Austin Powers actor dropped in at the state dinner held for Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and shocked everyone with his white locks.

It may be that the 52-year-old actor is sporting the new look for a movie role or it may be that his age is catching up with him. Whatever the reason, his surprise makeover stirred things up on the internet.

Gossip Cop reported that Myers dyed his hair “for fun.”

Fans couldn’t help but share their shock over his updated look via Twitter.

While some users loved the mature, silver-fox look Myers is presenting, others weren’t quite as sure about the new look and longed for a return to the Shrek star's recognizable chestnut-brown hair.

A few tweeters couldn’t help but point out the resemblance between the Myers and fellow fair-haired comedian Steve Martin.

Do you like Myers’ new white hair?

Pam Wright