Microsoft Believes the Xbox 360 Still Has Two Years Left to Live

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Although a lot of people are speculating that Microsoft will drop a brand new console by the end of next year, it would seem that the company feels their ol' girl still has some life left in her yet. Microsoft Studios head Phil Spencer told Gamespot that, thanks to SmartGlass technology and a recent Nike partnership, the system will still be around for at least another two years.

"It's a platform that has really reached scale; this is the time when you really see the great content showing up. The future in a lot of ways is always tomorrow: [things like] the SmartGlass technology and Windows 8 [show that] things are going to constantly evolve," Spencer explained."The world where everything gets centered around one console and when that comes out--we kind of have to evolve away from just thinking about that, [especially] with the service-based nature of games today."

This news comes in the wake of several graphically-impressive debuts at this year's E3, including LucasArts' "Star Wars 1313" and Ubisoft's "Watch Dogs". Both games are thought to be a little too advanced for the current generation, and once you've seen the trailers, you'll quickly understand why. When asked when "Watch Dogs" was scheduled to hit retail shelves, Ubisoft issued the following tweet, the vagueness of which has been called into question.


At this point, it's really all just speculation. Instead of wasting your time wondering when the next console is going to put you further into debt, have a look at some footage from "Star Wars 1313" and "Watch Dogs". We may not get to play them for some time, but they sure are fun to look at.

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