Michigan Punter, Blake O'Neill, Bashed on Twitter After Losing Big Rival Game In Final Play

Pam WrightLife

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Michigan's punter, Blake O'Neill is receiving a bashing on Twitter after shanking a kick that led to a surprising win for Michigan State on Saturday.

The poor Michigan punter has received thousands of mocking and angry tweets from fans upset over the upset.

As Fox Sports noted, O'Neill joins a club of poor kickers who have lost a game because of a fumbled kick. Others in the Kicking fail hall of fame include Garo Yepremian and Josh Scobee.

As you can imagine, Twitter hasn't been kind to Australian punter. He reportedly even received death threats.

There was even a Twitter account created to mock the Michigan punter.

There are also those rightly defending the humiliated Michigan punter.

Let's lay off Michigan's punter. It's all just part of the game.

Pam Wright