Michelle Wie is Now a Women's Open Champion


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Michelle Wie is the biggest name in golf right now, as Michelle just won the Women's Open, her first major US tournament, earlier last month. "Oh my God, I can't even think straight," Wie said after her two-shot victory over champion Stacy Lewis.

Wie has been a prominent name in golf since she was only thirteen years old and played as a major. Her popularity grew when she competed with the men in the PGA tour while still in high school. Now Wie is a Stanford graduate and Women's Open champion. She won her first two minor tournaments while maintaining a 3.0 GPA at Stanford. In 2012, Michelle graduated and became a full-fledged professional, award-winning golfer.

But it wasn't without its ups and downs, as Michelle missed out on much of her teenage years. "I think the fact that I struggled so much, the fact that I kind of went through a hard period of my life, the fact that this trophy is right next to me, it means so much more to me than it ever would have when I was 15. I feel extremely lucky."

"Whatever it is, Michelle has it," says Meg Mallon, Wie's mentor and two-time U.S. Women's Open champ. "People can't take their eyes off her. Every sport needs that, and Michelle is it for women's golf."

Michelle also has a fun, goofy personality, that makes her instantly likable, to fans and fellow golfers as well. "She's kind of a klutz," says Stacy Lewis, Michelle's fiercest competitor yet best friend. "A lot of people don't understand what a dork she is. She's awkward, and that's part of her charm."

Congratulations to Michelle on her ground-breaking success and her bright golfing future ahead!

Image via Wikimedia Commons