Michelle Rodriguez Talks "Furious 7", Paul Walker

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Michelle Rodriguez was walking the carpet at Wednesday's amFAR L.A. Inspiration Gala. She has a lot to celebrate these days with Saturday's release of the new trailer for the latest Fast & Furious movie, Furious 7.

The tough actress has been in all of the movies from the beginning, Fast & Furious in 2001, to Furious 7, which will be released in April of next year.

In those 14 years, Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the cast grew together as a family, as she told E! News on Wednesday.

So, when Paul Walker died in a fiery car crash almost a year ago, Rodriguez was surely greatly affected.

When asked what Paul would have said about the franchise coming to an end, she said,

"He would gaze with his beautiful blue eyes and that wonderful, amazing, childlike smile that he would get whenever he'd have, like, a cargasm... [he] would just go from ear to ear, and he'd be like, ‘Finally, it's in the f--king can!'"

Rodriguez continued, "'Cause that's his whole thing, the entire franchise, after every single one," Rodriguez said. She shrugged her shoulders, mimicking Walker, "'I just don't think it's in the can yet.' That was the ongoing thing."

Paul Walker's brothers, Cody and Caleb, stepped in to finish filming the movie, but it most likely wasn't the same for those that worked with him and loved him all those years.

Congratulations to Michelle Rodriguez and the rest of the cast of Furious 7!

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