Michelle Rodriguez on Paul Walker and 'Furious 7'

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Michelle Rodriguez recently shared her thoughts on the late Paul Walker and what she believes his thoughts might have been about the upcoming Furious 7. Now that the first official trailer for the film has been released, it likely makes fans wonder what his take on it might have been, too.

It was an emotional time at Live From Furious 7--an event held on Saturday afternoon for the official release of that trailer. Michelle Rodriguez spoke with E! News, sharing things that lots of people there must have been feeling.

"He would gaze with his beautiful blue eyes and that wonderful, amazing, childlike smile that he would get whenever he'd have, like, a cargasm... [he] would just go from ear to ear, and he'd be like, ‘Finally, it's in the f--king can!'" Michelle Rodriguez said of Paul Walker's reaction to the trailer's release.

"'Cause that's his whole thing, the entire franchise, after every single one," she added, as she mimicked a Paul Walker shrug: "'I just don't think it's in the can yet.' That was the ongoing thing."

Paul Walker died 11 months ago in a fiery car crash. Filming for Furious 7--the seventh installment in the Fast & Furious franchise was still underway, with Walker and Vin Diesel at the helm. Paul Walker's brothers Cody and Caleb filled in so the film could continue production. Vin Diesel shared a picture of himself with the late actor in honor of the trailer's release.

Michelle Rodriguez, Vin Diesel, and the rest of the cast of Furious 7 must be missing Paul Walker terribly right now. He was such a huge part of the franchise, it simply doesn't feel right in some ways that production went on without him. In honor of the franchise and those left behind, the entire cast and production crew likely mustered up a 'the show must go on' attitude in order to bring Furious 7 to fruition.

They're no doubt hoping Paul Walker is looking down on them all with love and pride.

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