Michelle Obama Threat Comes from an Unlikely Individual

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The Michelle Obama death threat didn't come from some wild-eyed maniacal shut-in or political terrorist with a violent agenda. No, a recent threat directed towards the First Lady comes from a Washington, D.C. police officer, one who apparently served as a motorcade escort for Mrs. Obama at one point in time. Personally, this is far scarier than if it came from some random wacko on the street, as this individual actually has access to Obama and her family. The fact that the office in-question was temporarily assigned to a desk job as opposed to being suspended pending an investigation is a little baffling, not to mention extremely unsettling.

Although the specifics of the threat have yet to be made public, the folks over at The Inquisitor have pieced together what went down. According to reports, members of the Special Operations Division were discussing the various threats that have been made towards the President and his family. During this conversation, one of the officers alleged explained how he intended to shoot Michelle Obama, going as far as to show his co-workers the weapon he would use if given the opportunity. These statements were reported to the brass, as well as the Secret Service.

"We received an allegation that inappropriate comments were made. We are currently investigating the nature of those comments," said a Washington, D.C. police department spokeswoman. Although making threats against the President and his family is considered a felony punishable by a lengthy prison sentence and a hefty fine, the offending officer has been placed on administrative duty until things can be property sorted out.

An investigation into the matter is currently underway. Although I personally think criminal charges should be filed if these threats were indeed serious, it's unclear whether or not legal action will be taken against the officer.

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