Michelle Duggar, Husband: '19 Kids and Counting' Couple Parodied by 'Funny or Die' in Wake of Josh Duggar Sexual Molestation Scandal

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Michelle Duggar and her husband Jim Bob are the subjects of a new Funny or Die parody. The 19 Kids and Counting couple has faced intense scrutiny in light of their son, Josh Duggar, having molested five underage females--four of whom are his own sisters--several years ago.

In the parody, two comedians--dressed as Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar--explain to a faux In Touch magazine about the Josh Duggar scandal.

"With more kids than an NBA team, we were bound to have one troubled kid," Greg David Jones says in his role as Jim Bob Duggar, replete with a polo shirt and side part.

The parody's writer and director, Erin Gibson, even fluffed up her bangs in her effort to portray Michelle Duggar.

"When Josh was a teenager, he made a mistake," Gibson as Michelle Duggar claims. "He mistaked two girls on their 'tutus.'"

"That’s what we call breasts," Jones as Jim Bob clarifies.

"Here’s the thing, some other girls did come forward, and some of them were our daughters. But honestly, if you asked me which one, I don’t know, the brunette with the curly hair?" faux Michelle Duggar says, addressing rumors that Josh’s younger sisters are among his victims. "We did the right thing and immediately waited three years before we called the authorities."

The Funny or Die comedians also mocked the official statement the 19 Kids and Counting parents issued when word of Josh Duggar's sexual molestation scandal hit the news a week ago.

"It has been terrible for us and Josh, but those are the only three people affected by these mistakes," Gibson concludes.

While nothing about the Josh Duggar sexual molestation scandal is funny, this parody is hilarious. Fortunately the Funny or Die writers and actors didn't step too far over the line and include characters to portray Jana Duggar, Jill Duggar Dillard, Jessa Duggar Seewald, and Jinger Duggar--the four sisters Josh Duggar purportedly sexually molested.

What's your take on the Funny or Die parody featuring actors playing Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar?

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