Michelle Beadle Reveals Feud With CM Punk And AJ Lee

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ESPN news anchor Michelle Beadle gave away some of the details of her friendships when she appeared on The Ross Report yesterday. It seems like Beadle has some tempestuous relationships with those associated with the WWE.

Take, for instance, her relationship with CM Punk. Their friendship ended abruptly over a misunderstanding. It also happened to involve a confrontation with AJ Lee, according to Beadle:

I show up at Tribute to the Troops. I see him [CM Punk] in the hallway, I say ‘what up, f–kface’, which is my very loving way of referring to my friends. I don’t call my friends… I just… I’m an idiot. I call them all kinds of names, that’s how you know I like you. He was alone in a hallway, he didn’t really say anything. I was with P.R. from WWE and my assistant and we walked by. The next thing I know, she’s [AJ Lee] in my face yelling at me and I honestly, I swear to you, thought it was a joke.

Phil [CM Punk] and I stopped being friends that day and I wish him the best of luck and that’s it.

Listen to the rest of the podcast here:

If Beadle looses any more friends over this, she's well on her way to making some new ones. Just a few weeks ago, the ESPN anchor was laughing it up with actor John Hamm in their interview regarding his movie Million Dollar Arm:

Do Hamm and Beadle now have crass nicknames for each other? Or are they not close enough for that yet?

Let's hope she kept the language clean when she took paralyzed high school student Jack “Jabs” Jablonski to prom last month. She almost wasn't allowed to go due to age restrictions, but the school made an exception due to her celebrity status. “I’m happy that the school actually allowed me because I know they’re very, they’ve got some really good rules here,” She said. “And, so it’ll be fun. I get to go on a school bus. Hello, it’s going to make me young again.”

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