Michael Vick Injured, Set for MRI Tomorrow

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For the majority of the first half of the Eagles-Giants game today, Michael Vick was definitely in his element. Dominating the Giants defense, Vick's run game was able to pick up 79 yards on 7 carries, and he threw 6 for 14 garnering 105 yards.

However, toward the end of the second quarter, Vick suffered what appeared to be a hamstring injury. The injury occurred when Vick decided to scramble on a play by running the ball for 13 yards to pick up a first down. Once out of bounds, he immediately displayed signs of pain, grabbing his hamstring.

While he did continue playing for the duration of the drive, it was still evident that he wasn't in the best condition. After the Eagles completed the drive, Vick was taken out following the first play on the next drive. The Eagles' back-up QB Nick Foles was put into action for the duration of the game.

NFL Network and Fantasy Football editor, Michael Fabiano issued a brief report on Twitter in regards to Vick's injury and a timetable for his return.

Jeff McLane, sports reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, also chimed in with updates on Vick's status following the injury.

After the game, Vick spoke with ESPN to give his perspective on his injury. "It's frustrating," he said. "I never question why things happen, I never question God. It's a little sore. I've been standing up the last two hours. I need to get treatment. I've had this type of injury before.”

Philadelphia head coach, Chip Kelly, confirmed that Vick is, indeed, healthy and still the active starting quarterback. Kelly also stated that Vick actually could have returned to today's game, but he wasn't 100% clear from the injury. An MRI has also been scheduled.

But, despite Vick's injury things still remained positive for the Eagles. Back-up QB Nick Foles' performance fell right in line with the team's offensive momentum in today's game. Foles threw 16 for 25, picking up 197 yards and two touchdowns. The Eagles were able to sustain their lead over the Giants, winning the game 36-21.
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