Michael Strahan: "Live!" News Gets Mixed Reactions

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Michael Strahan is now rumored to be the co-host who will fill the chair beside Kelly Ripa on "Live!", and while the network won't announce who got the job until September 4th, many are already congratulating the former New York Giant.

Ripa has had a string of guest hosts fill in since Regis Philbin retired from his post last year--59, to be exact--and several of them were audience favorites, including SNL star Seth Meyers and singer Josh Groban. Ripa also expressed interest in having her friend Anderson Cooper take the job, but Cooper is busy with his own projects and won't be going anywhere anytime soon. As for Meyers, he's still working on SNL and is in talks with Lorne Michaels to pitch a show for the fall 2013 season starring himself and his brother, Josh.

Strahan guest-hosted several times and was well-received, but the news that he's going to be taking a permanent position isn't going over well with some viewers, who don't see him as qualified enough.

Didn't like him when he was a guest host, sure not gonna watch the show now! He has no credentials to be there at all and has a sordid personal life....bad choice, wrote one commenter on NyDailyNews.com.

Strahan does have his fans, however, and many have taken to Twitter to wish him well.

Amanda Crum
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