Michael Socha Joins 'Once Upon a Time' as a Series Regular

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland now resides in TV show heaven, but one of its stars gets a new life on the parent series.

Yesterday Entertainment Weekly exclusively announced that Michael Socha plans to join the cast of Once Upon a Time as a series regular. The series has not yet been renewed by ABC for a fourth season, so Socha’s appearance on it depends on ABC’s decision about the show. According to TV experts and network insiders, a fourth season pick up is guaranteed.

Many Oncers, the name given to the dedicated fans of the series, are surprised that Socha was promoted to series regular, because he never appeared on the parent series. Despite Once Upon a Time’s large ensemble cast, only a few of the show’s actors fall into the series regular category. On last week’s episode of Once, the show lost one of its contract regulars when Michael Raymond James’ character Neal died.

On Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Socha plays Will Scarlet/ the Knave of Hearts. Will is part of Robin Hood’s Merry Men, which may mean that Socha’s storyline will tie into whatever storyline involves Once Upon a Time’s Robin Hood, played by Sean Maguire.

Socha’s Will is one of the few Wonderland characters with roots already in the world of Storybrooke. In a recent episode of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland, Alice (Sophie Lowe) and Cyrus (Peter Gadiot) traveled to Will’s home in Storybrooke. The producers of Once may have planned to bring Socha on to the original series from the inception of Wonderland, especially because, originally, it was only supposed to be a miniseries event to fill-in for Once Upon a Time’s hiatus.

After the Once Upon a Time in Wonderland cancelation, many tweets and comments about it were from people asking for Socha to join the parent series.



Knave fans, your wish is granted.

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