Michael Schumacher: Slightly Improved But Still In Critical Condition

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French doctors treating former Formula One driver Michael Schumacher have announced today that his condition has improved but remains fragile after a successful overnight operation.

While skiing with his son on Sunday, Schumacher fell and hit his head against a large rock. The accident happened in the French Alps and has since left him fighting for his life.

Michael Schumacher is a 44-year-old retired German race car driver and a 7-time Formula One champion. Many regard him as one of the greatest Formula One racers of all time due to his numerous race victories. Schumacher retired in 2006 but made a comeback in 2010 before retiring again in 2012.

Doctors said there was internal bleeding within Schumacher's skull but his condition had stabilized by Monday evening after an operation was carried out at Grenoble University Hospital in France.

"The situation is more under control than yesterday but we cannot say he is out of danger," doctors told reporters in a news conference.  The doctors further said that it is improper to engage in premature speculation since Schumacher is still in a critical condition. He is under an artificially induced coma.

According to the doctors, Schumacher's helmet saved his life. Had he not been wearing his helmet at the time he may have died on impact. At around 10pm, doctors were able to remove a large blood clot in the brain during the emergency operation. The operation was intended to take pressure off his brain.

"We can't say that he is out of danger. The surgery bought us more time. The situation can improve as well as worsen," said Dr. Jean-Francois Payen, head of the hospital’s anesthesia department. He also added that Schumacher still cannot be transferred to another hospital at the moment due to the fragile nature of his condition.

Schumacher's family, friends and fans are hopeful that the racing legend will pull through.

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