Michael Keaton: 'Birdman' Actor Up for 'Beetlejuice' Remake

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Michael Keaton has made news in recent weeks for his role in Birdman. In fact, the role earned the actor a Golden Globe. But it's Beetlejuice--his film from back in 1988--that has the actor excited at the moment. Michael Keaton starred as 'a manic, demented spirit,' alongside costars Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, and Geena Davis in the Tim Burton film.

Burton is "unique, and that's not a word you can apply to many people," Keaton said during a recent interview with People magazine. "And also original--certainly not a word you can apply to many people. He is both of those things and also an artist."

Keaton explained that when unveiling the role, Burton "saw the bigger picture" but "couldn't articulate the visuals he saw. It wasn't quite there yet [but] because he'd given me a couple things to think about, I said, 'Give me a day.'"

Tim Burton recently admitted that there is a script written and ready to roll for a Beetlejuice sequel (actually Burton doesn't want to call it a sequel) and that he would love to work with Michael Keaton once again.

Will Michael Keaton sign on for the role?

"I hope," he said. "We don't know yet."

It certainly sounds like there must be lots to iron out before filming for a Beetlejuice sequel might get underway, but fans of the original are no doubt extremely excited just to learn that such a film is even a possibility. Beetlejuice had a cult following, and no one but Michael Keaton could possibly play the lead role.

Were you a Beetlejuice fan? Could you see an older Michael Keaton once again wearing the black and white striped suit and playing the role of that 'manic, demented spirit' once again? Do you suppose Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis, and Winona Ryder will be asked to sign on, too?

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