Michael Ealy Talks Shaping Up For New Film 'About Last Night'


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Michael Ealy's gorgeous smile and captivating blue eyes never go unnoticed! The man is definitely easy on the eyes. However, his handsome looks and impeccable charm weren't the only characteristics desired for his latest film About Last Night.

According to the Boston Herald, Ealy actually needed to depict a slightly younger bachelor to provide an ideal depiction of his character Danny.

“When this film came up, the studio wanted me to look 28,” said Ealy. The new romantic comedy captured the 40-year-old actor in a number of shirtless scenes, with occasional nudity. So, it was important that he physically embodied the stature of a 28-year-old bachelor. 

The requirement may have been just a tab bit disconcerting for Ealy who shared that he's never been told he looks a day over 35. But, nevertheless, he used the time he was allotted before filming began to shape up and tone his abs.

“I personally feel like I do look 28 — I never have seen anyone who told me I looked over 35. So OK, I had three months.”


While the Almost Human actor has a number of notable film credits under his belt, About Last Night serves as a pivotal milestone in his acting career. It is Ealy's first leading role in a film. The Sexual Perversity in Chicago reboot, which offers a contemporary perspective of sex, dating and relationships, is highly lauded and expected to be a massive box office success.

So, Ealy quickly got to work, dieting and hitting the gym. The publication reports that the Think Like A Man actor committed himself to "a heavy dose of Olympic power lifting and a strict diet. The weight lifting was easy. The diet — no sugar, no salt, no carbs, way too much breast of chicken with no seasoning — that was the hardest.”

However, once Ealy began filming it became obvious that the 25 pounds he shed was a bit too much. As a matter of fact, he revealed that he had become somewhat of an over-achiever with his health endeavor.

"It got so bad (director) Steve Pink called and said, ‘It’s OK, your discipline is appreciated but we need you to eat because you’re beginning to look a little gaunt. Eat a pizza,’" he quipped. "I hadn’t been that small since high school. My wife (Khatira Rafiqzada) thought like the studio did, I lost a little too much.”(image)

Ealy also gave a quick analysis contrasting the difference between the original film and the upcoming remake in which he co-stars with comedian-actor Kevin Hart.

"This is a more in-depth look at relationships, at what makes them work or tears them apart," he explained. "It’s not the highly romanticized version that happens only in the movies. It’s raunchy, it’s vulgar, it’s more real. That is what relationships can be, and I think people will see this and say, ‘That’s how it is.’

About Last Night hits theaters nationwide on Valentine's Day this Friday, Feb. 14.

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