Miami Cannibal Victim Identified As 65-Year Old Homeless Man

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As the story of Rudy Eugene--the man who attacked and cannibalized a homeless man in Miami over Memorial Day weekend--makes its rounds across the web, many have been left wondering about the unfortunate victim, who had most of his face decimated in the attack.

Now, the man has been identified as 65-year old Ronald Poppo, a homeless man with a long criminal record. He remains in critical condition at Jackson Memorial Hospital. There's been no word yet on the details of his condition, although early reports said he was missing his lips, an ear, and one eye. The muscular tissue is fully exposed on much of his face. It's not known if he has family or anyone to be at his side at this time.

Details of the story are still few and far between, even though surveillance cameras caught most of the attack. The video shows Eugene and Poppo both nude as Eugene chews the flesh off of Poppo's face, and police are speculating that Eugene was high on "bath salts", which can cause delirium, fits of rage, and almost super-human strength. They also believe that Poppo, who was apparently asleep on the causeway where the attack happened, was an easy target for Eugene and just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It took police several tries to gun down Eugene, who reportedly stood up and growled at them with his mouth full of flesh before they opened fire.

Gawker has released a link to a photo of Poppo's face after the attack, and after viewing it, I don't feel it's appropriate to include here. If morbid curiosity overcomes you, head over to their page and take a look.

Amanda Crum
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