Zombie Apocalypse: Eugene's Girlfriend Blames Voodoo

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The so-called Miami cannibal--31-year old Rudy Eugene--who attacked and ate 75% of a homeless man's face last weekend was apparently viewed by friends and family as a bible-toting regular guy who didn't drink or do hard drugs. And although he had at least one prior arrest on his record for battery, his mother and girlfriend say he wasn't a violent man.

His girlfriend says she thinks something supernatural made him attack 65-year old Ronald Poppo, and although she can't say for sure what that might be, she's leaning towards voodoo or some other curse.

“That wasn’t him, that was his body but it wasn’t his spirit. Somebody did this to him," she said.

Eugene's girlfriend doesn't want to be identified, but Eugene himself was of Haitian descent. Haiti is known for tales of voodoo and zombie curses, although in reality it has gotten blown out of proportion because of elaborate Haitian funerals and rites of the dead. Eugene's girlfriend says she doesn't necessarily believe in voodoo, but she doesn't know any other way to equate the man she knew to the man on the excruciating 18-minute surveillance video which captured him ripping apart Poppo's face.

The Memorial Day weekend attack was the first in a string of bizarre and sickening incidents, including a California man who ripped another man's heart and tongue out before burning them to expel the "demons" he saw in the man and a Canadian porn star who allegedly chopped up his roommate with an icepick, raped the corpse and then ate parts of it before dismembering the body and shipping various appendages to political offices around Canada.

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