Mia Love: Republican Party Nominee For Congress

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Haven't heard of Mia Love? You will.

Love--a converted Mormon--is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and is the Republican Party nominee for the state's 4th congressional district. If she wins, she will be the first black female Republican ever elected to Congress, something that is important to her because the issue of her race has been a subject of much discussion over the years. She says ultimately she was elected mayor because the people have moved past such things.

"...People care more about what happens in their lives, what happens in their back pockets, than they care about the color of someone's skin," she said.

Love says if she wins this year, she will also join the Congressional Black Caucus.

"Yes, yes. I would join the Congressional Black Caucus and try to take that thing apart from the inside out," she said. "It’s demagoguery. They sit there and ignite emotions and ignite racism when there isn’t. They use their positions to instill fear. Hope and change is turned into fear and blame. Fear that everybody is going lose everything and blaming Congress for everything instead of taking responsibility."

Taking responsibility is a big part of Love's plan for the country; she is a gun-toting Tea Party conservative who believes in creating jobs through growth, fully funding the military, and smaller government. She wants congress to give the people back their power and restore their decision-making capabilities.

"It is not government's responsibility to save our country. It's up to us to save our country," she says. "What makes America great is the idea that we are free. Free to work, free to live, free to choose, and free to fail. Because our failures make us better."

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