MH370: Man Allegedly Robbed Deceased Passengers

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The latest story emerging from the search for still missing Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370 isn’t about that search at all.

Investigators are presently pursuing a man named Ali Farran over accusations of theft.

Farran is part of a group of individuals who allegedly stole money from four MH370 passengers.

Izany Abdul Ghany, the Assistant Commissioner of the Kuala Lumpur Commercial Crime Investigation Department, said on Monday that “authorities are still trying to locate [Farran].”

According to Ghany, Farran’s last known occupation is as a car mechanic.

The other two individuals said to be connected to the theft are an HSBC bank officer and her husband. The pair were taken into custody by police on Thursday.

Farran is wanted in connection with a very specific illegal transaction.

Authorities said that the bank officer used HSBC’s internet banking system to transfer approximately $10,000 from the accounts of four missing passengers to a separate passenger’s account.

The money was then moved from the passenger's account to a bank account that belonging to Farran.

When the $10,000 stolen in this instance is added to the other money believed taken from passenger bank accounts, a total of $35,000 is alleged to have been stolen in all.

The victims of the theft are said to include passengers Ju Kun, Tian Jun Wei, and Hue Pui Heng and flight attendant Tan Size Hian.

A spokeswoman for HSBC, which contacted Malaysian officials as soon after the transactions were noticed, released a statement about the unfortunate situation to the public:

HSBC is deeply sorry for this incident and apologizes to the families of our customers for the distress this will cause and assures them there will be no losses on these accounts.

Farran, who is believed to be in Malaysia illegally, is still at large but officials do not believe he has made any attempt to flee Malaysia.

As for the the two alleged co-conspirators already in police custody, they have yet to be charged by police.

"We have extended the remand order for the two until Wednesday to facilitate in the investigations," Izany said.

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