Metro: Last Light Gets Pre-Order Bonuses, PS3 Digital Exclusives

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Earlier this week, THQ and 4A Games released a fairly dark trailer to promote the upcoming Metro: Last Light. If the game's tone can manage to match that of the trailer, the new Metro game will be quite a moody experience.

Today, THQ confirmed that Last Light, like every other title these days, will be getting pre-order bonuses. Gamers who pre-order the game will automatically getting the Limited Edition version of the game for the same $60 price. Limited Edition is the version of Last Light that will be sold initially, so a pre-order isn't necessary, but is sufficient, to get the extra content.

The Limited Edition will include "Ranger Mode" difficulty - an harder mode where players are more easily killed but do extra (realistic) damage with their weapons. Also, players will get access to the modified AKS-74U assault rifle and extra "military-grade" bullets that do more damage, but also serve as the game's currency.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, THQ also announced that PlayStation 3 owners will get their own, exclusive pre-order bonuses. Gamers who purchase the digital edition of Metro: Last Light through the PlayStation network will get a PlayStation 3 theme and a free copy of THQ's Homefront.

Also, anyone can still grab a free copy of the PC version of the original Metro 2033 by "Liking" the Metro Facebook page.

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