Meter Maid Egged; 'Dipstick' Arrested

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KCRA in San Diego reports that a young man was arrested on five counts of assaulting a public official. His weapon of choice: raw eggs.

Lorin Daniel Moll allegedly threw eggs at a parking enforcement officer from the balcony of his apartment. The female officer was ticketing an illegally-parked pickup truck on the street below when she was hit by an egg. She called for backup. When officers arrived, they observed that Moll was still throwing eggs. They made their way to his apartment, had the enforcement office positively identify him, and arrested him.

San Diego police Sgt. Robert Schenkelberg said, "[Someone who assaults a meter maid faces] the same kind of penalties they face if they assault a police officer. You're assaulting someone who has a badge. We take that very seriously."

The traffic enforcement officer herself did not wish to be identified, but did tell reporters that the vehicle she was ticketing did not even belong to Moll. As she said, "He was just being a dipstick."

When officers arrested Moll, he told them that they would make him late for class. He said that his going to class and work that day was "more important", and he insisted that television cameras leave. They did not. (See video below.)

According to U-T San Diego, he is a student at the University of San Diego and also studies psychology at San Diego Mesa College.

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