Metal Gear Solid Movie Announced

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Konami's big Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event was a celebration of everything Metal Gear, and it included some pretty exciting announcements. The most exciting announcement, though may be that a Metal Gear movie is in production.

Hideo Kojima and Avi Arad, the producer of many comic book movies such as X-Men, Ghost Rider, and Iron Man, announced that Columbia Pictures is shelling out for an adaptation of Metal Gear Solid. There is no talk yet about who might be playing Solid Snake, though Kojima felt free to speculate on what actors he enjoys, including Matt Damon and Ben Affleck.

Movies based on video games are notoriously bad. However, as games become more cinematic, there is bound to be at least one video game movie that will hit on the perfect combination of director, actors, and screenplay to capture what gamers love about a series. Hopefully, the Metal Gear Solid movie can make it through the Hollywood production process and into theatres without heavy, story-changing adaptation or unneeded winks to fans of the series.

The first hints about the Metal Gear Solid movie came through the Twitter leaks of Mark MacDonald. Mark is executive director at 8-4, a company in Japan that "localizes" video games for other countries by translating dialogue and changing things such as cultural references. He attended the Metal Gear 25th Anniversary presentation and was the first to leak many of the Metal Gear stories of the week.

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