Meryl Streep Left Bruised by Julia Roberts

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Meryl Streep was left battered and bruised by Julia Roberts while filming scenes for August: Osage County--leaving Roberts feeling incredibly guilty. Roberts plays Streep's on screen daughter, Barbara, in the film, and knocks her mom to the ground in one scene.

"It was horrible, I felt terrible every time. I was so worried about hurting her and she was such an incredible trouper. We did the scene for like an entire day," Roberts said. "We're both bruised up and battered and I was like, 'Look at this! Oh my God, I'm just beating up Meryl Streep!' But she never said a word and she is secretly icing her swelling wrist, like nothing happened. She's asking me, 'What's happening to you?' She's more concerned about others and she has a lot more endurance than I do. I love her."

Even though she had to get physical with Meryl Streep, Roberts feels grateful to have had the privilege to work with the 'Iron Lady.'

"Well, she is the best there is. She is really phenomenal and to watch her up close doing her thing - you're in awe. I, like, everyone asked myself, 'Where does it come from? How does she think of this stuff?' To get to watch that up close and to see her be a real-life person, actually working really hard to be that great, it was a privilege," Roberts added.

August: Osage County opens on Christmas Day and definitely isn't a contender for 'feel-good' film of the holiday season. Instead it sounds gritty and blunt--very much like Meryl Streep. It will no doubt mean accolades for both her and Julia Roberts. Both women received Golden Globe nominations for their roles.

Will you be checking out August: Osage County after your presents are unwrapped and your leftovers are put away? After all your Christmas merriment, watching Julia Roberts throw Meryl Streep to the ground might be the perfect way to top out the day.

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