Meredith Vieira: How Did She Get That Horrible Black Eye?

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Meredith Vieira joined Hoda Kotb--filling in for Kathie Lee Gifford--on the fourth hour of The Today Show on Friday. Sporting a horrible black eye, she arrived on set wearing dark shades.

The sunglasses quickly alerted Hoda that something was amiss.

"Okay, one question because you are so not pretentious and you have on sunglasses in studio," she said to Meredith Vieira.

"If you're going to laugh, I'm not going to tell you," Vieira cautioned.

She then took off the sunglasses and revealed the black eye they were hiding.

"I had to go to the bathroom and I didn't put the light on," Meredith Vieira said.

She continued, explaining that she'd just returned from a cross-country flight and had forgotten about the suitcase that was blocking the walkway.

"The suitcase is black, and the room is black. It's dark. And I go to the bathroom and forget the suitcase is there," she said. "And I fell over the suitcase and I hit my head on the rim of the dressing room table."

Meredith Vieira alluded to an injury in a couple of Tweets on Tuesday.

On Friday, Meredith Vieira pre-empted her appearance on The Today Show, as well as her black eye.

After the show, Meredith Vieira shared what that horrible black eye was looking like as of Friday--for those who didn't catch her on The Today Show.

Later, she shared how much she loved her time with Hoda Kotb, but wished it wasn't due to Kathie Lee Gifford's loss of husband Frank.

So now everyone knows the reason Meredith Vieira is sporting a nasty looking black eye. It didn't keep her from co-hosting with Hoda Kotb and it's not likely it will prevent her from doing anything else, either--except for going to the bathroom with the light off.

Meredith Vieira will no doubt make a quick and full recovery from her black eye.

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