Meredith Vieira Can't Quit With The Potty Mouth

Amanda CrumLife

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Meredith Vieira seems like a pretty refined person; she always looks perfectly put-together with rarely a hair out of place or overly done makeup. So when she starts cursing on live television, it's that much more awesome.

Vieira and the gals of the "Today" show's fourth hour were coming back from a commercial break this morning when she dropped her note cards and a resounding "Oh, shit" came flying from her mouth just as the cameras panned to her. Hoda immediately began apologizing and trying to smooth over the incident, but Al Roker simply cheered and threw his arms up in the air like he'd just won a bet.

This isn't Vieira's first time around the foul-word block; a quick check of YouTube shows at least two other instances where she let the expletives fly. She's in good company, though; Tom Hanks dropped an F-bomb on live t.v. last year and was so adorable about it that no one cared.

Amanda Crum
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