Melissa Joan Hart On 40-Pound Weight Loss: 'I'm Very Proud Of Myself'

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Melissa Joan Hart has lost 40 pounds and is thrilled with the results and the way the weight-loss makes her feel.

"Being able to take off layers or put on a jean that's a size smaller is so refreshing and it just makes it easier just to move through life," Melissa Joan Hart told E! in conjunction with her new Nutrisystem commercial. "Especially when chasing children. It just makes it easier for me to play with them and run after them and have the energy."

"Staying in shape and staying fit is so important in my life just because of all the things I want to do," said Melissa Joan Hart.

The mother of three says she lost the weight over two years with the Nutrisystem program.

Keeping the weight off is important to Melissa Joan Hart and she told People that working out with her husband Mark Wilkerson is the means to keep her svelte shape.

"Since he's such an avid workout guy, I wanted to have him train me to see how my body could shift and change," Melissa Joan Hart said.

According to the actress, Melissa Joan Hart and her hubby work out one hour, three days a week, and focus primarily on weight training. Hart also takes two days a week to attend cardio classes like spinning.

"This is a good way to join together and spend time – just the two of us – away from the kids," said Mark Wilkerson.

Melissa Joan Hart has many reasons why her weight-loss has been life-changing.

"It just made me happier. It made me feel physically and emotionally lighter to be able to do the things I wanna do, to be able to wear the clothes I wanna wear, to be able to feel sexy around my husband again," Melissa Joan Hart said. "I'm very proud of myself."

Pam Wright