Melissa Gorga’s Problem Tenant Moved Out, She’s Now Stuck With House Bills

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Kai Patterson, the problem tenant whom The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe sued to evict, has reportedly moved out of the home he was renting from them. Patterson is apparently sick of dealing with a house he claimed the Gorgas turned over to him in poor condition, and now the couple is stuck with the house’s exorbitant bills.

Patterson recited a list of things about the house that needed addressing to, which included water leaks, backyard garbage, broken pipes, and beavers living in the walls. Gorga reportedly claimed that Patterson has not been paying his rent, and the couple tried to sue him for it, but the tenant had a different story to tell.

He claimed that his deal with Gorga for the house was amended to entail him paying $10,000 a month for rent and another $10,000 going to the sale for the house. Patterson said he initially paid them $10,000 for rent and a deposit of $25,000 to the sale and repair of the house. However, Gorga never made the needed repairs.

A judge reportedly sided with Patterson in the lawsuit filed by Gorga, but the tenant decided to move out on September 26 because he had had enough of the damaged home and the legal drama.

“He [Joe] defaulted on conditions related to the lease and purchase agreement. He wasn’t ever going to write me a check so the only way I could recoup my deposit was to get it back in rent,” said Patterson.

Gorga and her husband are now stuck with an expensive home that apparently needs extensive repair. Besides this added expense, Gorga and her husband had already been aiming to build their dream home in Franklin Lakes. The couple has also reportedly sold their Bentley in order to cover their expenses, since Gorga is currently only making extra cash from a jewelry line on the Home Shopping Network and filming for The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

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