Melissa Gorga Headed To Court Over Home

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Melissa Gorga and her husband Joe are having issues with the purchaser of their home, and have filed a suit against him for failure to pay the agreed-upon amount.

The couple sold the home for $3.8 million last summer and entered an agreement with the man--who is withholding his identity from the public--for monthly payments. But so far, he's been unable to keep up with them, and has reportedly passed the couple several thousand dollars worth of bad checks.

“I believe in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but I am not going to continue to pay for a complete stranger to live in a multi-million dollar home,” Melissa said in a recent interview.

The Real Housewives stars aren't usually the ones in the news in connection with legal troubles; that title goes to Joe's sister, Teresa Giudice, and her husband Joe, who were convicted of tax evasion and several other charges stemming from an investigation that might end with one or both of them seeing jail time. The families have been captured on film several times for their reality show in the midst of a long-brewing feud, but they recently spoke to the media about a reunion and said they have become closer during the Giudice's difficult times.

“Thank God, everything is great between us. As traumatic as their situation is, that’s when family puts the nonsense aside to be there for each other. My husband and I are here to support Teresa and Joe," Melissa Gorga said.

In the meantime, the Giudice's sentencing hearing has been pushed back to September. Gorga said she and Joe shield their children from what's going on with their aunt and uncle as much as they can, and that they don't really know what's going on.

“I don’t let me kids watch the show. I believe in sheltering them. I might go overboard with it, but I try my hardest to keep my kids young," she said.

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