Melanie Griffith Selling Aspen Home, Stars in Own Ad Campaign

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Melanie Griffith is using a most unusual method for selling her multi-million dollar Aspen home. She is starring in the ad campaign to sell the property.

Yes, that's right. Melanie Griffith stars in the video that touts the merits of this pristine property.

The ad features Griffith strolling the 12-acre woodland property that features seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms, alongside her agent.

This form of real estate sales goes against the cardinal rule of selling a home--to depersonalize it. Yet history shows celebrities have done this before, and it has worked. Michael Jordan actually produced a series of six videos to sell his Illinois home--and while he didn't actually appear in the videos, it was quite obvious who owned the home. Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics did something similar, too.

Cara Ameer is a Realtor in Florida. She thinks this creativity has its merits.

“I think with high-profile properties in high-profile markets such as Aspen, this is a creative approach,” she says. “As long as it is done in a lower-key, interview-style approach vs. ‘I’m such and such and welcome to my home,’ it can help to convey features, benefits, and lifestyle in a way that someone may not get from just looking at photos and descriptions.”

Texas Realtor Wendy Flynn agrees.

“Melanie Griffith’s presence in the video works because it’s subtle and subdued," she says. “The image of Melanie walking with her Realtor gives you the sense of a relaxing day entertaining guests at the retreat.”

What's your take on this new mode of celebrity real estate sales? Do you think Melanie Griffith is helping or hurting the chances of selling her home?

Kimberly Ripley
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