Melanie Griffith: "Life is good"

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It was one of Hollywood's longest marriages. However after 18 years, Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas decided to call it quits in June. But it doesn't appear as if the Working Girl actress is having any regrets.

According to Female First, Griffith is excited about the opportunities ahead and the plain fact that she can spend more time on herself, "Over the last years, I've devoted myself to my family, and that was it. But now, I'm completely free. So I'm determinate to do only what I want from now on, and no one is going to stop me."

The actress also told IndieWire, "My kids are almost grown. I’m getting divorced. I’m just happy." She added, "I’m really joyful. Life is good.”

This was Griffith’s fourth marriage, to three different men. She was previously married to actor Don Johnson (twice) and also to Steven Bauer for five years. Griffith and Banderas have a 17-year-old daughter named Stella.

The couple cited irreconcilable differences in the divorce petition. Part of their agreement was that neither party speak publicly about the details concerning their separation. Banderas told the Spanish website Vanitatis, "I have an agreement with Melanie, a pact. We have agreed to not talk or comment our divorce at all. That's our deal and, therefore, I'm not going to say a thing about her."

Griffith is currently out promoting a short film called Thirst. The 25-minute-story features the actress playing a depressed, alcoholic prostitute named Sue. The role was a personal one for Griffith who has struggled with alcohol and drug abuse, "I had a reputation with people in my industry as being a wild child, being a drug addict and an alcoholic. After being sober for five years, this part comes along and felt like if I could act it out and do it — not for anyone else, just for me — to do that harsh of a life of an alcoholic, I would be able to get it out. I did stop before I got to that point, but I could've easily been Sue."

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