Melanie Griffith Is Enjoying Life After Antonio Banderas

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Following her split with her husband of 18 years, Melanie Griffith is enjoying life and taking on new projects. She recently went on a trip to Switzerland with her daughter, Stella Banderas, for the Locarno International Film Festival and was seen at LAX on August 11 upon their return. Mother and daughter were both sporting cateye sunglasses, with Griffith looking stylish in a cream leather jacket, white top and blue bell-bottomed jeans.

“My kids are almost grown. I'm getting divorced. I'm just happy. I'm really joyful. Life is good,” she told IndieWire.

In June, Griffith and her husband, actor Antonio Banderas, shocked the world by announcing that they were getting divorced. Their papers cited the cause as “irreconcilable differences” but the one thing both actors are agreeing on is not talking about their split. Banderas told The Times, “We (have) got an agreement together that we’re not going to talk about it and I don’t want to break it. Probably in the near to mid-future we will be able to talk. But not now.”

Griffith is jumpstarting her career with a slew of new projects, including a new comedy she’s working on with Bob Saget and performing on Broadway in the show Pippin in January. “It's not about my career now. It's just about finding great work and having a good time,” she added.

The Milk Money star is also promoting a short film called Thirst, in which she plays the role of an alcoholic prostitute. She claims that the role has been cathartic for her, saying, “I had a reputation with people in my industry as being a wild child, being a drug addict and an alcoholic. After being sober for five years, this part comes along and felt like if I could act it out and do it — not for anyone else, just for me — to do that harsh of a life of an alcoholic, I would be able to get it out."

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