Mel Gibson: New Girlfriend Models Scandalous Jeans

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Mel Gibson was spotted recently with an attractive young lady, and now rumors are flying that the two are an item.

The woman in question, Nadia Lanfranconi, is a model and aspiring musician from Italy whose resume includes wearing some very revealing jeans in an ad for F Me, a clothing line designed for maximum lustiness.

While people are busy getting into a tizzy over whether or not Mel Gibson is dating a hot young thang, I'm thinking the real story here is that there is a company which markets jeans so low-cut that they come with a disclaimer.

Fme Jeans are the hottest jeans in the world, but they're not for everyone.
We consider them to be very risque and therefore be advised that they'll get you attention
like you've never had before. We advise you to take care when you go out wearing Fme Jeans clothing.

At any rate, Gibson was allegedly spotted rubbing Nadia's shoulders at a West Hollywood restaurant recently, so we'll see what happens. Nadia has only lived in the states for five years so it's likely she's not aware of his somewhat checkered past.

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