Megyn Kelly of Fox News Fame Renews Contract With News Channel


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Rumors are circulating that the concrete prime time schedule at Fox News could be due for a shake up with the recent contract renewal of up-and-coming news anchor - Megyn Kelly. She has been the host of "America Live" for the past three years, and has gained renowned for her anchoring duties during election nights. Along with Kelly, Fox News veteran, Greta Van Susteren has renewed her contract as well.

There have been whispers that Kelly could be replacing Susteren's coveted 10pm spot, due to Kelly's heightened popularity, and falling viewership for Susteren's show. A move of this size would be considered huge, considering most of the nighttime personnel has been the same for years, with - Hannity, O'Reilly, and Susteren.

Kelly has owned the 1pm-3pm slot, enjoying the highest viewership of the programs in the Fox New's afternoon lineup. Fox News, according to Mediaite, is staying hush-hush about the contract renewals and time slot shake-up.

If you're curious to learn more about Megyn Kelly, in anticipation for a potential move to prime time television, enjoy this revealing interview with Howard Stern back in 2010. She actually handles herself pretty well.