Meghan Trainor Isn't Sharing Her Booty With Anyone, At Least Not Yet

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Meghan Trainor may be "All About That Bass," but she's not at all about putting it out there for everyone to see. Known--in addition to her songs--for not wearing provocative outfits during her performances, she said recently her booty won't be shared with just anyone.

"I was told that I started the booty song movement but no one knows what my booty looks like," she said during a recent interview. "That's the trick, it's all about the mystery. I save that for my boy. Well, for whoever gets to date me one day."

"I don't like pointing it out, I don't know why. I like to keep that a secret for my future hubby," she added.

While Meghan Trainor didn't go so far as to say she was 'saving herself for marriage,' she does indicate a high level of self-respect that is very often absent in many of today's young entertainers.

When she signed with Epic Records last February she made it quite clear that there were some things she simply wasn't going to do.

"I told them you won’t see me in a bathing suit. I love when Beyonce and all those girls were those body suits but I don't like showing the vagina area," she said. "I did wear a little body suit in the 'All About That Bass' video but I was so uncomfortable."

Even though Meghan Trainor maintains a respectful amount of modesty, she doesn't point fingers at or pass judgment against those who don't.

"Everyone gives Ariana Grande crap now for being too sexy but I think she's classy with it and if you've got it then rock it," she said. "I know what I've got and I know which of my area's to rock, which I do, so I don't wanna bend over in a bathing suit on stage."

Kudos to Meghan Trainor for her high standards and nonjudgmental ways. The "Lips Are Movin'" singer is already a great role model in the body image category. It seems like she's a pretty good role model all the way around for today's young girls.

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