Megan Fox Talks Baring Her Body in Films and Lack of Ambition

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Megan Fox says she never feels "ashamed" about baring her body for movie roles and considers it just "part of" the job.

"I don't mind doing that stuff, I think that's been a part of being an actress in Hollywood since the beginning," said the 28-year-old actress at the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles press conference in Los Angeles.

"I don't feel ashamed or like I can't be taken seriously while also wearing a tank top. If you don't take me seriously when I'm wearing a tank top, that's your f***ing problem."

Recently, the beautiful actress said she thinks it's "bizarre" to be as successful as she is and credits her lack of ambition for the success.

"I've never been very ambitious, which is why it's so bizarre that I've had any success," she said to the UK edition of Cosmopolitan.

"Most people make three movies a year. I barely make one. Sometimes when you're not hungry for something, amazing projects fall into your lap."

Fox says she is not a needy person and mostly keeps to herself, apart from one or two close friends.

"I consider myself a girl's girl in that I'm not competitive, jealous or catty," she reasoned. "But I don't have a ton of female friends - I have one: Mindy, a facialist. I don't have many guy friends either. I've never been a social butterfly. I don't feel lonely or isolated. I have one really great friend and that's all I need."

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