Megan Fox Having Fun Posting Selfies on Her New Instagram Account

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Megan Fox junkies are now able to get their fix of the super sexy actress from her own personal posts.

Yes, the Teenage Muntant Ninja Turtles actress has finally joined Instagram under the name, the_native_tiger.

Her bio on the social media site says a lot about the 28-year-old mother of two.

Megan Fox Child of the Cherokee Tribe forest nymph Lunar Leo mother goddess to 2 bohemian revolutionaries-my kamikaze free spirit & my peaceful warrior.”

Yep, that says it all in 139 characters.

Fox announced her new Instagram account on her Facebook Page.

The gorgeous actress created her profile on July 3 with an inspirational quote from Michelle K, and she already has 1.6 million followers.

Her first posts include beautiful make-up-free selfies and inspirational quotes.

OK, Megan Fox junkies, you're all caught up.

Fox fans are surely looking forward to seeing more selfies, inspirational quotes and perhaps a family pic or two. Fox's new movie, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles will hit theaters later this summer.

Image via Megan Fox, Instagram

Pam Wright