Mega Man Gets His Very Own Board Game


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Mega Man is a video game defined by twitch platforming and shooting. It's a hardcore game made for hardcore gamers. How could this decades old video game be turned into a slow-paced board game? Jasco Games seems to have figured it out and wants your help to make it a reality.

Jasco Games took to Kickstarter last month to fund an officially licensed Mega Man board game. It promises to bring the core gameplay from the Mega Man video games to the world of board games. The game challenges a player to take on the role of Mega Man and defeat the six robot masters that are controlled by other players.

As part of the Kickstarter, the team at Jasco Games is also offering a Deluxe Bundle that includes an expansion for the game. This expansion includes two additional Mega Man miniatures and two more robot masters - Time Man and Oil Man.

Of course, you may still be confused as to how Mega Man: The Board Game is actually played. Jasco Games has put together a 20 minute video that explains in detail how the game is played. Check it out:

There are 11 days left in the Kickstarter for Mega Man: The Board Game. It has already raised almost $300,000 - a lot more than its initial goal of $70,000. If the team is able to reach $300,000, they will be able to include colored game pieces and Mega Man's dog Rush as an additional character.

Image via Jeremy Gentry/YouTube